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    Helping you meet the needs of your pet's health.

    Your pet is part of our family. Care for your pet's well being with the services of Family Pet Hospital. 

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Education on type and breed of animals.

Before you go and purchase or adopt a family pet, stop in and get advice about what breed and type might be right for you.

  • Kid friendly breeds
  • Small or large pets
  • Maintenance and care


Woman with pet dog

Get the proper care for your cats and dogs.

Caring for a pet is a great responsibility. Animals rely on us to love and protect them, as well as feed them.

  • Annual check up
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Feeding the right food

Help in choosing the right pet for your home.

Choosing the wrong pet for your home can have many negative effects on you and your new pet.

  • Will the dog chew?
  • Will the cat mark their territory?
  • Can reptiles be left unattended for days? 


All breeds are always welcome.

Care for all breeds is available at Family Pet hospital. We do not discriminate against any breed that needs our help.

  • We care for animals as a whole.
  • We see them through to a healthy life.
  • Every breed will receive superior care.

Required vaccinations and registration.

Counties across the United States require certain vaccination and treatment for animals every year. This also includes the registration of specific breeds. We are here to help you decipher all the information and keep your pet healthy and safe.


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